Our first Open Heart & Reiki Circle was a warm and meaningful moment full of Light and Reiki and beautiful intentions. We sat together in peace, without time, without space, surrounded by the Guides in the Universe in the full presence of our purpose. We are grateful for what was and what is. Much gratitude from my heart goes out to everyone who was and is involved.

Thank you for this moment, thank you for you being you.



May all the dynamics of life gather together in your circle

the clear blue light of home descends through your light.

May all our hands be joined as one

as our eyes cross the borders of our light.

The light of Home calls upon your heart

to open and share the love and light

that is softly sleeping inside.

Clear the pain

leave burdens behind

loosen sorrow and grief

and let the ocean take over.

As you gently lay down

your head and hands to rest

surrender to the inner life.

We guides are all around you

again and again

over and over

we join you as your circle grows.

Look each other deeply in the eyes

see the tender notions

as you open your heart

to the love you share,

the love that always is

the love that never disappears.

See the harmony it brings

when lights share visions and dreams

heal the hurt and the pain

join their forces ahead

in new ventures.

The bending of daylight is within reach.

© www.whisperingsfromreiki.com

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