Welcome to this exciting moment.

We are in the days of great transformation.

We look ahead, together, with you

And we already see the dream,

the image,

the vision of the future

together with you

We see a blue earth transformed in spirit

Materialized in the sand, in the boulders,

in the rocks, in the grass and the trees, in the waters,

in the air that you breathe,

in the birds that fly high and low.

In all the humans that have their hands on their hearts.

We see the future, together, with you,

As a haven and heaven on earth.

And the dream is no dream in the future,

the dream is now

As you bring those energies down,

together with all the messengers

Together with all the people who open their hearts

For every living thing on earth.

We focus on this dream of the future

and we only see that dream

as a reality right now

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Only this transformed reality, this dream,

this future of a blue earth,

of peace, of love, of caring, communities.

Still a Learning School. Still Earth School.

But from the level of the condor,

the level of the Eagle,

the level of energy,

the level of peace because there is nothing else,

the level of love because there is nothing else,

the level of unity because there is nothing else.

From this level of unity, love, peace,

there are no separate humans.

There is only creation.

Creation within creation.

There are no circles anymore

because there is only one circle.

All humans, all life, all animals, all trees,

every living thing united in a circle for 21 days.


Expanding the Love, you are.


Just being Reiki.

Being love.

Being peace

Being pure energy.

All is one.

Expanding who you are.

Expanding in one big circle of unity.

Being in this expansion.

With all beings that feel at home in this expansion.

Just being and expanding the love you are for 21 Days

And knowing from the depth of your core,

from your soul, from your being

that there will be other beings,

living things that are together with you

in the one circle, the one love,

in the one peace,

in Reiki.

Only expanding who you are,

what you are, as creation.

May that be a start for every one of you.

To live this dream.

To make this dream your reality

And wake up in this dream

And live your life from this reality.

Because there is no other reality any more.

Can you imagine that?

You close your eyes.

And you expand yourself

And you become one with all the others,

with the earth,

with creation,

being the One Love, you are.

Being in the bliss of your soul

knowing that from this level of energy

you can heal the world.

And we will be there with you

as a circle around your circle.

Becoming One.

Being one circle.

Together with you.

Creation within creation.

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