I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful responses on the extra Open Heart & Reiki Circles we held this week. It is beautiful and heart warming to feel that there is so much light to express, that we reach out to the light in everyone.
Your responses and the whispering that came through made it clear that it is a time to reach out and unite all people to a state of being, a state of oneness in world peace that must lay ahead of us. We all have this potential in our hands and hearts.
Dear friends, let’s use this light and Reiki force to reach out to that state of being.


We spread and support your love,
we feed the light and needs
with nourishment from the dimensions.
Unseen seeds support your heart
and the heart and the core of the circle.

World peace
not as a goal to achieve
but a state of being
an act of trust in humanity.
World peace
as an attitude of mankind.

Bring this state of life to life,
offer it to our dimensions
ask your heart to resonate with it
bring your frequency to compassion
and free yourself of judgement.

We offer our hearts to each other
and fill earth’s matrix
with the resonance of the Universe.

A state of being
hearts beating together
as the drums of ancestors
at their heart fire
over viewing evolution.

May everyone in this circle
connected with someone else in the circle
spread his or her love around the earth
and feel world peace
as a state of being.

© www.whisperingsfromreiki.com

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